Single Page Application project template, freely inspired by Durandal.

Humbular consists of a bundle of different libraries that cover different needs, and is meant to offer an intelligible and maintainable folder structure that allows for unit testing, but free from domineering opinions.

Humbular includes the following libraries:

  1. Bootstrap, for widgets
  2. I.js, for client side localization
  3. jQuery, as utility library (ajax; promise; etc.)
  4. Knockout, for dual way binding
  5. Lodash, for utility functions (map, each, etc.)
  6. R.js, for dependency injection
  7. Simrou.js, for client side routing

Humbular offers:

  1. Code organization strategy
  2. An un-opinionated, humble, technology stack (no cocky super-heroes here!)
  3. A simple way to deal with dependency injection, that avoids AMD complications
  4. A strategy to display preloaders and error panels
  5. A strategy to work with external html templates and to load modules
  6. Client side localization strategy