KingTable demos

The core of the library is completely abstracted from DOM manipulation, so it can be used also outside of HTML context. Below links shows examples of tables implemented in rich HTML controls and plain text.
The library is suitable also for console applications implemented using NodeJS; or to produce email bodies in either plain text or HTML.

Note how filters are automatically persisted upon page refresh. For example, using the search feature in one of the below and then hitting F5.

  1. Rich HTML examples

    1. Colors demo
    2. People demo
    3. Default by name demo, and formatting amounts and currencies
    4. Default by type demo, and displaying pictures
  2. Plain HTML examples

    1. People table in plain HTML
  3. Plain text examples

    1. People table in plain text

NB: all these demos are fixed tables: so tables that have all information loaded in memory, paginated on the client side. To see examples of tables paginated using AJAX requests (sets paginated on the server side), see the development server provided in the project repository.