utility tool to pack .html files inside .js, providing implementations for Angular and Knockout

Repository structure

  1. The source folder contains the tool source code, which is in Python.
  2. This code can be executed by both Python 2.x and Python 3.x.
  3. The source folder also contains a file used with cx_Freeze to generate the executables.
  4. The built folder contains executables versions of the application: Windows users who don't want to (or cannot) install Python, can use the .exe file provided there.
  5. The docs folder contains information used for this documentation, and files for examples in Angular and Knockout.


  1. -h --help

    displays the help for the console application

    Console application help
  2. -p / --path path -m / --mode mode {ko,ng}

    starting from the given folder path, looks recursively inside each direct child folder, and generates for each of them a templates.js file containing the packed HTML files.

    • ~/scripts/areas/
      • public/account/templates/settings.html
      • public/account/templates/details.html
      • public/help/templates/some-name-1.html
      • public/help/templates/some-name-2.html
      • public/templates.js <-- generated file containing all .html files found under "public" directory
    • ~/scripts/areas/
      • admin/accounts/templates/list/accounts-table.html
      • admin/accounts/templates/list/accounts-filters.html
      • admin/accounts/templates/accounts-dashboard.html
      • admin/messages/templates/list/messages-table.html
      • admin/messages/templates/list/messages-filters.html
      • admin/messages/templates/messages-dashboard.html
      • admin/templates.js <-- generated file containing all .html files found under "admin" directory
    Console application templates

Optional parameters

  1. -a --appname application name

    when generating templates.js files for Angular, the name of a global variable referencing the application object (default == "app").

  2. -u --underscoreJsCompile js global variable name

    allows to run UnderscoreJs compilation on templates, using the given global variable/function. The parameter determines the context passed as argument for _.template function (default == null).

    N.B. UnderscoreJs is not required, if this parameter is not specified.


  1. External libraries are loaded using CDN; if the connection is not stable this demo could stop working.