How I created my own media storage in Azure

I used to store my family pictures and videos in Google Photos. Since I have two small children and we are in 2018, I rapidly ran out of the free space that Google offers to store original, full size, pictures. I decided to create my own media storage using Azure services, for a few reasons:

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Upgrading Azure Storage Python SDK to support asyncio

In the last months I had occasion to use Azure Storage as primary persistence layer for a document management system for my employer, William Demant Holding. For those who don’t know it, Azure Storage is a cloud based storage service by Microsoft, comprised of several services:

  • Table Service - NoSQL database
  • Blob Service - binary files storage, with support for virtual folders
  • Queue Service - simple, cost-effective messaging system for large volume systems
  • File Service - distributed file system
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Running Docker applications in Azure Application Service Plan

This post describes how to deploy web applications in Azure Application Service Plans, using Docker containers and custom images from Docker Hub, covering the following topics:

  • how to push a custom Docker image to a public registry in Docker Hub
  • how to prepare an ARM template to deploy a Docker powered web application in Azure Application Service Plan
  • how to configure Docker containers so they can be accessed through SSH, optionally by application settings
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HTTP POST LRU caching in JavaScript

I recently published in GitHub the second version of a library of mine, for administrative tables. The first version of this library helped many, who contacted me in the last months, asking things and giving great advice; so I decided to create a new, improved version, in plain vanilla JavaScript (in ES6).

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Why I am not surprised by Trump's victory

I am not surprised by Trump’s victory and I don’t feel sorry about it. Because I saw it already happening in Italy (my home country), with Berlusconi. I was adolescent when Berlusconi started gaining popularity, I was already interested in politics and following the news regularly. Of course things in Italy were on a different scale: apparently, everything comes in bigger size in USA, but still the same substance.

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Always use the right tool for the job

Ferdi Giardini is one of the best teachers I had during my university studies. He’s both artist and designer, and he’s famous in Italy for work of arts and objects he designed. Among the things he told during his lessons, is this sentence:

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The ipse dixit effect

For many centuries, in Europe, scholars used to say the latin words “ipse dixit”, that mean “he, himself, told it”, to end any debate and justify any of their subjective arguments, if the same arguments had been previously used by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

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